Newspaper nails

Newspaper nails – fantastic beauty trend

We present you something totally, totally different and authentic! Fantastic newspaper nails! You’ll simply gonna love them! We know that there are many girls out there who just love to read: newspapers, books, online articles, you name it! Many of book lovers, such as myself, know how much happiness a book can give! The smell of the new pages, all the letters…you just cannot wait to start reading and enter the whole new world.

Some girls brought it up to the whole another level: they combine their passion for reading and their love for fashion! The end results are these super cool newspaper nails. I would certainly want these prints on my nails. So, take a look how to made them, it’s easy and fun!

Newspaper nails for the books  addict – amazing and totally different

You will see that this is one of the easiest tutorials ever! I am sure that you already have almost everything that you need. First of all, use a base coat to protect your nails. Then, apply light grey nail polish and make sure that your nails are completely dry before you proceed with the next step.

For transferring the newspaper ink you will need some rubbing alcohol that you can easily find. Pour a small amount of alcohol into a container and dip your nail into it for about five seconds. Take a small piece of paper and press it firmly on your nail for about fifteen seconds. Then, peel it off and the ink from the words will be left behind.

The next step is applying the top coat which is very important because it prevents the newspaper ink from rubbing off. It also provides great shine on your nails. And you are done! Beautiful and different nails will certainly be noticed.

And for all of us, passionate readers, this would be a great fashion detail!