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newborn love

Newborn love – the amazing photo ideas for your baby

Is there a greater happiness in the whole world than to have your newborn love in your arms?

To smell for the first time the hair and the skin of your little baby with a silent promise that you will be there for her forever? That you will love and protect her through all of  her life? When a little precious pearl comes into your life, everything changes (I am sure every parent would agree on this).

And every parent out there in the world would say the same thing: time flies fast! In a blink of an eye, the years pass by and suddenly your newborn love has math problems at school, got all these teenage headaches and love dilemmas and you wonder: “How everything went by so fast?”

Well, the sad true is that kids grow up so fast and some of the moments quickly pass by. That’s why you should memorize those moments forever and leave a memory for life. And what is a better method than pictures?

Smilja Boskov – the great photo session of parents’ newborn love

Young Serbian photographer Smiljka Boskov took this to a whole another level: she created a series of adorable photos of babies, pieces of true art and a memory for life for their parents. You can borrow some ideas for your own photos at home. Look at these beautiful baskets and blankets that you can use or combining some New Year decoration or your favorite scarf.

Your newborn love will look gorgeous with the flower details: you can use the flowers of your choice and make adorable corolla! Well, we know that some new princess there is born and she deserves her little crown! You can make amazing photos using these little details that will make a difference!

Capture the precious moments with your newborn love and enjoy every moment! If you already took pictures of your little joy, share them with us, we would like to take a part in growing up of your family!