the best street styles

New York Fashion Week 2016 – the best street styles

There is a famous saying of Coco Chanel:  “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”! And every girl out there who is into fashion  knows that following best street styles is a “must”, if she wants to be trendy.

New York Fashion Week brings the view to the fashion to a whole another level! And everything is art! From walking down the street or going to a special event, what you wear is what defines you at the end of the day! You make a statement about yourself with every combination. Every outfit reflects your style and your fashion view. We spotted some of the best street styles and decided to share them with you!

The best street styles from New York Fashion Week – the ultimate level of creativity

Fashion is a way of life! Fashion is a way you are wearing your style, every little detail that matters! Sometimes, the true artists can be spotted on the streets. You know those people that just make you say “Oooh, that’s so chic! I want that”. It is just the way they are able to mix different pieces into a true state of art!

We were amazed by the playful colors that we noticed in some outfits! Gorgeous details paired with the unusual shapes, and all of that painted with vibrant colors – a recipe for  great fashion trends. And laces?! Oh, those are extremely trendy this season! They even made their way to the man’s fashion!

If you are up for a pure elegance, this season brings the trendy pastel tones! That still doesn’t exclude the colors that can be found in accessories, which will break the monotony and bring your outfit to the level of artistry.

Take a look at these amazing creations and the best street styles we found for you!