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New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 – amazing haute couture

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 and the famous designers spoke their words! And stories were incredible as always! What got our attention were the vibrant colors of the creations and prints that were breathtaking!

If we were to compare this New York Fashion Week 2016, it would be the art of exquisite paintings embellished with vibrant colors and extraordinary prints! The creators really gave their best shot in creating the eye-catching artistic forms. We honestly couldn’t choose which of these creators we would put first, because they are all magnificent in what they do.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 – the fashion paradise

If anyone was a master player with the colors, it was Sies Marjan, the new name and the most anticipated debut of New York Fashion Week. This talented young designer Sander Lak worked for the many famous ateliers, such as Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim, and Balmain. The new luxury line Sies Marjan was launched in New York and the very name is a portmanteau of his parents name. The young creator explained that he is not interested in fame, so this name was a way of giving the line a personal touch but not revealing too much.

€œUsing my parents name gives me a certain anonymity that I really like. I have no interest in fame or anything that would distract me really from the job that I love doing with the people that I surround myself with. It’s about that, it’s about the work we all do together. €

He revealed that he is especially interested in colors which tell a story on their own and are such good ingredients to manipulate cliches and twist ideas, according to his opinion.

We were also impressed with the collection of  Anna Sui, the famous designer that was named one of the top five fashion icons of the decade in 2009. With her inspiring designs of the most astonishing prints,she brought the fashion creativity to whole another level.

We will now leave you to have your haute couture moment with the most exquisite fashion art!

Take a look to other famous designers as well and enjoy the best styles from New York Fashion Week Fall 2016! We certainly did!