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New Skin Tightening Method Has Arrived


Many people who do think about undergoing surgical neck lifts are generally put off by the mere idea of blades going under their skin. That is why market for non-surgical neck lift procedures and products has always been busy. Now we have just that, two new radio-frequency devices showed up €“ and they are effective and non-intrusive.


ThermiTight is one of them, and it both melts fat and tightens skin. It features a double-chin eliminating radio-wave energy via a 2mm thick prove, which is inserted under the skin through a tiny cut and slowly fanned left and right. Medical professionals agree that this product has a great deal of control over the temperature and is capable of ultraprecise sculpting. After the procedure, patients can expect three days of bandages and some bruising and swelling. Results are seen as soon as after three months.


EndyMed Intensif is another procedure that effectively tightens skin and melts fat. It uses a handset that channels RF waves through tiny microneedles and into the surface of your skin. It delivers focal dermal radio frequency heating with only a bare minimal of disruptions on your skin. Even after one treatment, patients feel the effects. Device can be used on any skin tone and is reliable and predictable in its effects, medical experts agree.


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So the need for a surgical knife and deep anesthesia could be gone with these revolutionary products. They both demand some light anesthesia, but it will not put you to sleep and make you feel groggy for two weeks after the procedure. Trick in these is they do not simply remove the fat; they stimulate the body so it produces collagen and naturally tightens the skin and melts fat. Do try these if you want a supermodel body but are afraid of knives and surgeries.