I am addicted to you - New Inspiration of Flash Tattoos 6

New Inspiration of Flash Tattoos

Temporary tatoos is a new milestone in fashion first designed by Rihanna in cooperation with US jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche during a beauty battle. Beyonce is that person who co-designed flash tatoos inspiring inventors by €œcrazy in love €.

Songs €œCrazy in Love €, €œLet it Bee €, €œNaughty Girl €, €œNo Fear € is a source of inspiration and creation of five sheets of black and gold Flash Tattoos  that present Beyonce’s nature. And not only tatoos. €œDiva € and €œFlawless € necklaces and a bee-hive honeycomb medallion are among them. All in all there are 57 designs.


Queen Bey is also a lover of such things and showed one of her flash tats in black and white on Instagram some days ago.