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I am addicted To You - New face of Revlon Alejandra Espinoza 1

New face of Revlon Alejandra Espinoza


Alejandra Espinoza is a Mexican top model and a former pageant queen with an immense social media following. Her Instagram has over 1.2 million followers and her Facebook page over 3 million likes. With such popularity, it comes as no surprise the year of 2015 has been nothing short of miraculous success for her.


I am addicted To You - New face of Revlon Alejandra Espinoza 2


On family plan, she just had a baby €“ but the business aspect of her life is flourishing as well. Alejandra landed a lucrative gig hosting La Banda along with well-known stars – Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini. The show will air every Sunday on Univision. But that is not her biggest success of the season; she also became a new Revlon ambassador. That means that our eyes will be able to feast on her gorgeous face since many billboards and commercial brakes will feature Espinoza. We most certainly do not complain, and we are certain that Revlon will be more than pleased too €“ since Alejandra possess a certain magnetism that can only benefit the company.


I am addicted To You - New face of Revlon Alejandra Espinoza 3


As a new ambassador she will be in charge of launching the first new fragrance in years. Revlon is finally going to put out new perfume on the market, and with Espinoza, they will certainly have a good marketing plan. Besides that, she will be promoting a line of mascaras and matte lipsticks. Alejandra is no stranger to Revlon, when she was just a 15 year old girl she received a birthday present, and after opening it she saw it was Revlon lipstick. The brand is her absolute favorite ever since then. According to her, it was her sisters that constantly wore Revlon lipsticks, and she naturally wanted to mimic them. Well, se will certainly have an abundance of products now, for her and her sisters a like