I am addicted to you - New Alexander McQueen Collection 4

New Alexander McQueen Collection


Designer Alexander McQueen decided to provide us with a treat in a form of new, fantastic dresses made specifically for following New Year and Christmas celebrations. 2015 has been a great year for parties and it is only fitting to end it with a bang. Of course, proper clothing is a must, and this collection has everything you need and much more!


Sheers and floral designs are complete hits at the moment, and McQueen embraced them with style. His black sheer cocktail dress features small flowers and lovely wide sleeves, plus it comes with an attractive wide black leather belt. Be it an after party or a midday brunch – this dress is an ideal choice.

For late nights and debauchery, Alexander McQueen prepared us simple yet provocative white and red dresses which will attract eyes from everyone at the dance floor. They are all colored in two colors which provide a simple but highly effective look. Short skirts and dashing blouses are just made for unforgettable winter nights, and if you want to meet someone special €“ this is a right dress to get noticed.


If your goal is to be completely distinguishable from the rest of the dancing masses, Alexander McQueen’s Vibrant Tribal Touch dress is made with you in mind. It is flashy, colorful and embroidered with wild patterns. It is sexy, stylish and absolutely stunning €“ perfect for all who aspire to be a queen of the dancefloor.

But before the big party there always is cocktail hour or a light supper to attend. For that occasion, Alexander McQueen prepared a royal looking long blue dress that looks like something out of a medieval court. Many similar dresses cross the line between lavish elegance and tackiness quickly, but Alexander proved to be fit to the challenge and delivered what likely is the best soiree dress of the year.