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Natural beauty products- keep your skin healthy!

Today more and more women are using natural beauty products, or even make them by themselves.  If you are buying natural products, make sure you check if they really are all natural and if the seller is legit. Which means they should have a certification for selling such products.  Even though it would really be the best solution to make such products on your own.

It is not complicated to make them and another benefit to this is that you know exactly what they contain.  When it comes to beauty products in general, there are so many on the market. Each promising miracles. But most are  not doing anything and are not even healthy.  Of course, companies know how to attract costumers through commercials. However, what you must be aware of is that things are not functioning so simple.

And as said these products are mostly not healthy. They contain ingredients you have maybe never heard of. You probably don’t check them to find out what they exactly are. And honestly some of them can do more damage than good.


So, we suggest that you consider using natural beauty products


Maybe some of them are not too cheap but if you take into account how long they may last and that they will not do damage to your skin, these products are your best choice.  Today we will give you the list of 7 best natural products. You can use them separately or combine some of them. Or, you can add some other natural ingredients. What will you do is up to you. Because you have also think about the type of skin you have. So maybe not all the products will work for you.

List of 7 natural beauty products

natural beauty

1- Coconut oil
2- Shea butter
3- Cocoa butter
4- Beeswax
5- Liquid carrier oil
6- Arrowroot powder
7- Essential oils

Take a little extra time to explore recipes online and make your own beauty products.