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Nails Art Designs in 2016 You Need to Try

Nails art is finding its way in the world of fashion! Nails are certainly one of the most important parts of women’s hands. Beautiful, slick hands are something that every woman who pays attention to herself must have! There was a boom in recent years with the new way of modeling the nails and with new materials that give the nails polish the prolonged time of staying in perfect condition. That was certainly the best news for all the women, especially women that work and that are doing housewife things that damage not only the skin but the nails as well.

The new materials gave the women not only the possibility to have great nails that stay in perfect shape for a long time, but also the way of making nails art designs. The nails art designs became the art of details – creating beautiful shapes and forms, even little paintings in a small area of a nail.

The women started to experiment with their nails and now they have almost endless opportunities to have the nail designs for every occasion. For every day, there is good, old “french” style that gives the hand the sense of neatness and pureness. If you are going to some special event you can choose from a variety of shapes and forms, you may combine the color of your nails polish with your clothes, or even the print of your shoes.  The nails art designs became the thing of prestige and a must have for every trendy woman out there!

After New York fashion Week, we have a hunch what would be trendy in 2016 – the bright colors and airy shades will be the first choice this spring. In the pictures below, you can see some shapes and colors that you can try. In this year, the nails art stylists put the accent on discrete tones and colors that give the woman a refined note of style and class, almost royal nobility.

On one of those pictures, you can notice the beautiful drawing of flowers carefully painted on only two nails, giving the refined look of hands. On the other picture, you can see the bright color combined with sparkly elements but only to the small extent giving the overall impression of elegance. If you prefer something simpler but still amazing, you can choose only one color.

If you are not the person who follows the trends at all cost, the nails art designs can offer you brilliant ideas. You can find the design that is perfectly tailored for you. You can have even Santa on your nails if you want! Or, if you are creative, you can try the nails art yourself. It will be fun, for sure. Although, it is not an easy job, as it seems on the first glance, it certainly gives you the area where you can show your creativity and talent.

Whatever style or color you choose, the nails art on your hands will be the expression of your style in the year 2016!