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Nail Trends In Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week





After looking these exquisite nail art trends that appeared amid New York Fashion Week, you’ll barely have the capacity to wait for spring! There’s no deficiency of metallic points of interest and bright, airy shades this season €” incredible news for those careful about last season’s edgier nail trims. Consider your warm-climate nail inspiration secured.



When it comes to their runway shows, fashion designers take into consideration every little detail. And no detail is smaller than the models’ fingertips, which this season showcased every nail-art trend around: silver stars, faux snakeskin, shiny metallics, single black polka dots. We rounded up our favorite nail looks of the spring 2016 season.



Cross the Line

Nail art isn’t going anywhere, but it’s definitely subtler than in seasons past. And the biggest nail art trend, hands down (pun intended), is anything linear. “I’m seeing a lot of lines this season — and often paired with negative space,” says Morgan Taylor lead artist Gina Edwards (who created the look at Noon by Noor, top left). “I believe nail art is going to be around, but it’s all a matter of taste.”


The best thing about linear nail art is just how easy it is to recreate on your own. Dip an old liquid eyeliner brush in polish, and drag it across your polished or bare nails. It doesn’t have to be perfect to look cool.