I am addicte To You - MUSIC TASTE A REFLECTION 4



I’ve generally thought a man’s individual taste in music can uncover something deeper about who he or she is as a person.

From my experience, there’s dependably been a connection. That is to say, in case you’re entranced by distinctive sorts of music, it’s presumable that you’re interested by diverse aspects of life.


Then again, if you approach music with a feeling of apathy, you presumably handle matters of existence with a comparative mindset €” it’s all connected.

In any case, I believe it’s considerably more deeper than that €” music is an art form, a form of expression. Your taste in music won’t just mirror your own style, additionally your perspectives.

In his initial work, Hunter S. Thompson frequently went on about the significance of certain rock and roll lyrics.

In one article, he wrote, “The most huge, if not the best by more established basic standards, literature in America today is to be found, not in books, or even in the established literary magazines, yet in poetry readings, in mimeographed broadsides, in lyrics for rock groups, in protest songs €” in direct gathering of people relationships of the sort that won at the very beginnings of literature.”


He’s right. Music does make an immediate relationship with its audience. What’s more, on that account, the individual who has developed a more perplexing, assorted, taste in music throughout the years has, basically, made more “relationships” €” musically €” than the next.

At last, music is an impression of who you are, of where you’ve been.

In all actuality, music means something other than what’s expected for everybody, but when push comes to shove, you’ll listen to whatever impacts you the most. In case you’re always listening to uplifting, positive music, it’s presumable that you’re a constructive individual yourself.

In the event that you listen to music with theoretical composition and abstract lyrics, it’s probably fair to say you’re a conceptual thinker, in general.

Musical inclination doesn’t simply show incidentally; it’s a movement that mirrors whatever you’re presently managing and whatever you might’ve been managing previously, as well.


From a artist’s point of view, this idea is really self-evident. The best songwriters are typically the best storytellers, as well. Guys like Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen €” the majority of their music has impacted me on a level far more profound than simply something to listen to in the car.

As Hunter S. Thompson insinuated, it’s a direct relationship; I sense that I know them, personally.