Most Fashionable Clothes Pieces

Most Fashionable Clothes Pieces

So, the idea of fashionable clothes is what keeps you awake all night, right? To help you manage your fashion-stress, let us give you a quick tip €“ €œif you have a tight budget, never invest in fashion clothing that stay in vogue for a short time €. Having said that, we will like to remind you that there is something called €˜timeless fashion’. Yes, it’s true! There are some wardrobe elements out there that never go out of fashion. Simply but, they are classic and yet modern enough to put you in focus. Wondering what they are? Glad you asked! Here is our list of 3 fashion weapons that always work:

1.Jeans: You may argue that the dumbest of people who don’t understand fashion go for this clothing. You are wrong! Jeans is one of the most versatile fashion wear that never goes out of style and the best part €“ it complements an awful lot of other fashion garments. Let’s start with your feet. Turn to flats or dance on heels. Just pair them with a nice pair of dark wash denims and you are either party ready or good to go for a casual outing. The trick here is to make sure that you understand your body type. Straight jeans work best for apple-shaped bodies while pear-shaped ones are best matched with boot-cuts. Try out a few and you will know what works best for you.

2.Trench Coat: There is something whimsical about this clothing. It has been in fashion for over 2 centuries and still manages to spray magic. Not only they are classic but also they are functional. Define your waistline with a nice piece of contrasting cotton belt and you are going to be the heartthrob of all men around you. Just focus on two things €“ you skin tone and your hair color. Your trench coat much complement both. A little bit of work is necessary to find the best color but it is worth spending the time. If you are settling for neutral tones, make sure that your trench coat has minute details in contrasting colors. Details like bodice, tie and lapels can go a long way.

3.Black Pumps: Why invest in such basic footwear? That’s because you can use them with every dress in your wardrobe. Whether you are planning for your LBD or your stylish jeans or whether you are eyeing for that majestic mermaid gown, your pair of black pumps will never fail you. Put them on for your daily office or head for a sophisticated party €¦ your black pumps will keep your covered. Just make sure that you opt for closed toe design because they are far more timeless and fit all occasions.