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Most attractive cabin crew uniforms


Fashion is not only found on the runways at fashion shows or during high-profile events. Sometimes you will find it at most unlikely places, such as on your airplane flights! In this article we are talking about the most attractive cabin crew uniforms of the world.


I am addicted to you - Most attractive cabin crew uniforms 2

Via worlds-crews.blogspot.in

British Airways always wear smart uniforms, buttoned up and stylish to the core. The company hires such names as Givenchy and Chanel’s Julian Mac Donald to create their designs. Uniform, on any job, speaks a lot about the company. Here we see a perfect balance of trust, professionalism and glamour.


Alitalia Airlines are bound to have rocking clothes, after all they are and Italian company! Even when forty thousand feet up in the sky, flight attendants of this company are a glamorous group of smiling women. Their uniforms are sleek and look very high class. We definitely love flying with them!


Qantas is the Australian national airline. They recently redesigned their crew’s uniforms and brought Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci to help them. The result was, unsurprisingly, stunning. French navy touches and playful colors mark their tone. Ruby red was always Qantas’ signature color, but it truly found its place in these new designs. They even have trench coats, which is lovely!

Turkish Airlines excel at mixing traditional ethno patterns with sleek modern designs. Their crew manages to look professional while maintaining an attractive look as well. They have some particularly cute neck ribbons in floral designs and their vests are top notch!


Korean Airlines hired Gianfranco Fere to design their crew’s uniforms. And he did certainly succeed, once against justifying his nickname €“ €œArchitect of Fashion €. Cream and white for gals and elegant black coats for men seems to be a winning combination. Their scarfs are so wondrous they seem to be defying gravity. Koreans certainly take away the victory when it comes to flight crew attendant uniforms!