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How much money earned Kim Kardashian with her marriages?

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Do you wonder how much money earned Kim Kardashian with her marriages?

Usually people spend a lot of money when they are getting married but Kim was clever and spent as less as possible  and she made sure she earns money while getting married.

Now we wonder did she get married only for money? Opinion about this are different. Some are sure she did and some believe it is pure love that brought her two marriages.

What ever the case, right now she seems to be in a happy marriage and already having kids. This seems like serious commitment. So, for now let’s not judge.


But let’s see how much money earned Kim Kardashian when she got married and after one divorce


One magazine managed to get to a document that states how much money she got while she divorced NBA player  Kris Humphries. It is reported that she got a little more than 2 mil $ out of this marriage. She was also paid for giving an exclusive photos of a wedding day- 1. mil $.  For hosting her bachelorette party in a club in Las Vegas, 90000$ and for making an exclusive  televised E! wedding special another 1 mil $.

money earned kim


For the second marriage she used experience from the first one and again didn’t spend a lot of money but earned again. One source claims that she made around 20 mil $ for the second marriage.

There are still some rumors and debates about how much more she did earn, are is planning to earn through wedding photos. For some other information about the wedding they are requesting around 15 mil $.

What is true or not about this matter we will not talk about until things get resolved and the legit information comes out.

For now, we can say she really knows how to earn some good money and how to do it simple and fast.

Well Kim, good for you!