I am addicted to you - Money and Happiness 1

Money and Happiness

Money is one of the most important things. You can buy almost anything with money (if you have enough). Many people have diffrent views about money. There are pople that thinks money must be spend and there are pople that thinks money shoul be saved to be used in th future. Well, both is right and it just up to you on how to use your money. To SPEND or to SAVE.

Talk about money, if   there is a thing that money cant buy, then it is happiness. You can agree or not, its your choice. Many people argue with it. But what this article wants to prove is the relation between money and happiness.

Whan can money do about happiness? well, if you want to prove it, you can go to your nearby bar and someone a beer (make sure not more that you can afford) and take a look at the person/people faces. They will look very happy and start a friendly conversation with you. After that, you will realise that you just throw your to treat someone , but before you start to feel regret, you will remember that person/people and the memories of your last conversation.

You will realise that you just make someone happy. So, money doesn’t actually buy happines, is leads you to a moment of happiness.