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Modern Uses Of Hairspray


Hairspray may at times seem like a remnant of a forgotten era. We all know the movies from 1980s starring gals with over the top curls and some genuinely bizarre hairspray inspired dos. The leather jacket, the old Cadillac and pompadours are out now, fortunately for most of us. You do not want to make arches and bridges out of your hair, but there is a place for hairspray in the fashion world of today €“ we will not yet let it die the glorious death it deserves.



Guido is a famous stylist, and during Paris Fashion Week he said he always uses hairspray. Even when he wants softness and a little sheen €“ he will find a way to use it. Of course, these days no one sprays the whole head in order not to make the hair rigid and flattened. Guido says that instead of pointing the can directly at your head, you should try spraying the product into your hands and rubbing them together to create a hold, then running them through a blowout for a finish that isn’t sticky.



Another use it has is for cleaning up damaged hairit perfectly smoothens and flattens split ends and baby hairs that stick up along the part. Cleaning up damaged parts Is more often than not crucial to a proper look, as one or two baby hairs can completely destroy your look; not to mention the split ends.



Like many things, hairspray is being reinvented. Do not under any circumstance spray it directly from the can to your hair because you will make a sticky and tangled mess out of it. But by following the aforementioned advices given to us by world famous make up professional Guido, you will be able to continue using the beloved product.