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Model Laura James on Tom Ford, Joaquin Phoenix



As most students ready themselves for the yearly trek back to school, Finnish transplant and Parsons student Laura James is gearing up to hit both the books and the runways of New York Fashion Week. When she isn’t walking for designers like Tom Ford, James is progressing in the direction of a degree in fashion design. Keeping in mind she’s investing the vast majority of her time before the camera right now, she acknowledges her experiences as a model with giving her the boldness to seek after her other goals. We sat down with the rising star before Fashion Week.

She started out behind the scenes.
“I was interning the previous fall at Tess Giberson; Evelien Joos was casting for the show and thought I was a model there for the casting. She sent me to IMG, and they needed to sign me.”

Nothing beats the travel.
“My most loved part of the employment is traveling, meeting incredible people, and seeing distinctive parts of the fashion industry. Since I’m a design major, I would say I was extremely keen on fashion before I ever turned into a model!”

Tom Ford was the highlight of her last season.
“Going to L.A. what’s more, walking in the Tom Ford show was completely astounding.”

Band everybody should listen?
“My companion’s band, Redder!”

She’s a classic film buff.
“My most loved movie quote is from Breathless: ‘What is your most noteworthy desire in life? To wind up immortal. And afterward die.’ ”

There’s one fashion insider whose style she appreciates most importantly others.
“If I could assault anybody’s wardrobe it would be Catherine Baba’s.”

If she could meet one individual from the present or the past, who might it be?
“Tove Jansson, Finnish illustrator.”

Celebrity crush?
“Charlotte Rampling and Joaquin Phoenix.”

If she could have one fashion item?
“If I could spend lavishly on one thing, it would be anything Jean Paul Gaultier couture.”

True happiness is easier than you think.
Genuine joy is simpler than you might suspect.
“My mother’s dog simply had puppies, and puppies equal happiness. If I weren’t modeling, you would find me on a horse. I have assisted convey with foalsing.”