I am addicted to you - MILEY CYRUS NEW M.A.C COLLAB 7


Shock! Miley Cyrus recently declared that she has collaborated with M.A.C Viva Glam to release another lipstick. The star initially worked together with M.A.C last January to make a stunning shade of hot pink lipstick and lip gloss, and she’ll be putting out another shade €”a fiery red €”toward the start of September, in the nick of time for fall.

In genuine Miley style, continues from the lipstick will go toward the M.A.C AIDS Fund, which was made to “serve individuals of all ages, all races and all genders influenced by HIV and AIDS.” So you can do great while looking great €”the Miley way.

Individuals in North America can buy the lipstick beginning on September 8, and we suggest purchasing the item ASAP. Verifiably, M.A.C Viva Glam collaborations efforts offer out quick, and we wouldn’t need anybody to pass up a great opportunity.

Get a look of Miley’s stunning new M.A.C campaign beneath.