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mick jagger

Mick Jagger became father at the age of 73!

Mick Jagger became father once again, and at the age of 73! Well this is a huge news.

Famous rock singer and member of Rolling Stones became father for the 8th time.

He got his 8th child with Melanie Hamrick, his girlfriend.

The big news confirmed Fran Curtis.

Mick Jagger who is 73-years-old, as we said has 7 children already, ranging at age from 17 to 45. Woow, right? Their names are: Lucas, Karis, Gabriel, Jade, Georgia, Elizabeth and James.

Mick also has 2 grandchildren.


Mick Jagger rocks, literally!


We are saying this because not only he became father at this age but his girlfriend is very you. So much younger than he, she is only 29-years-old and she is a ballerina.

Maybe we should not be that surprised because it is not like something like this happened for the first time, but still. We get surprised every time.

However it is a great news. Children are blessing. Maybe only one question comes to our mind and it is, is it smart to have them at this age. Let’s be honest, children need their parents through their life and Mick’s age is a bit concerning. But who knows, maybe he will reach 100. We surly wish him all the best, as well as to his entire family, especially to a new born child.

Who knows, maybe this is not the final number, he still has time to become father again. Maybe number 10 would be ideal for him. He is and will be blessed with a huge family.

For now he looks good. Of course, it is visible that he got older but as far as we know, he is ok with his health so all we can do is to wish him best of luck in years that are coming.

Mick you always rocked, keep on rocking!