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15 Mexican Treats That Will Wake Up Childhood In You

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Mexican treats as part of childhood cannot be forgotten. Do you remember, if you are adult of course, what is it that you liked the most?


Here is the list of 15 Mexican treats that will help you remember which was your favorite one:



1- Refreshing beverages  



2- For hot summer days- bolismexican


3- Camotes poblanos- for those having acquired tastemexican


4- Pancho Pantera- before Black Panteramexican


5- Churros- from a paper bagmexican


6- On Sunday, outside church was served this large  cinnamon champurradomexican


7- Delicious Pelon Pelo Rico- candy  mexican


8- Duvalin- Nutella of that past timesmexican


9- Fruit that is powdered with chamoy, lime and Tajinmexican


10- Gansito- surly did brighten a daymexican


11- Paleta Payaso- reword for being good at a supermarketmexican


12- Peanut candy- incredibly sweet  mexican


13- Hola- intense plumsmexican


14- Popsicle- Lucas Mangomexican


15- Spicy and sweet- Pulparindo- popular candy  mexican