4 Metabolism Boosting Habits You Need To Embrace Right Now

Stop blaming your ”unfortunate” genetics, and embrace a few simple metabolism boosting habits for a balanced weight and a more energic and healthier life.

While genetics and age do play a big role in the way your metabolism functions, you would be wrong to think that you don’t have any control over it. On the contrary, recent studies have shown that your lifestyle really affects your body’s ability to break down food into useful energy functions.

The endocrinologist from Atlanta who published the book about hormonal balance: How to Lose Weight By Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism, Dr. Scott Isaacs, explains that the body should be viewed as an engine and the metabolism as the rate at which this engine runs. By adjusting yourself to a few easily sustainable metabolism boosting habits, including improved diet, sleep and exercise routines, you can make your engine’s performance better and its rev higher.


Improve your body functions with a help of these metabolism boosting habits


1- Eat early

The basal metabolic rate, i.e. the number of calories your body is able to burn at rest is based on many factors like body type, age, height, and there’s really no many things you can do to alter it. However, you can change your diet and the number of calories to burn above that. Specifically, eat your breakfast. And while we’re aware that it’s hard to separate some time for breakfast on a busy morning, the reason you should put breakfast on the top of your priority list is the fact that leaving your stomach empty practically equals pausing your metabolism. Why is that, you might be wondering. It’s quite simple – when your brain receives the signal that your stomach’s empty, it makes your cells conserve the energy in case you don’t get another meal. So practically, the body holds onto the fat already stored inside your cells instead of burning it off.

Metabolism Boosting Habits


2- Eat often

To keep your metabolism active and humming, you should focus on eating little but often, having small meals every 3 or 4 hours. For a perfectly balanced meal, aim for one-quarter protein at each meal, because the proteins stimulate cells that are responsible for triggering the calorie-burning mechanisms in your body. On the other side, you should avoid processed carbs and foods that are high in sugar, because they can lead to insulin resistance and make your body store all the extra calories in the form of fat.

Metabolism Boosting Habits


3- Sweat it off

Yes, exercise – because a regular exercise is one of the key metabolism boosting habits that helps your body keep burn calories by ”turning on” the fat-burning genes and making your metabolism stay elevated. Exercise is especially helpful for your metabolism when you’re over the age of 40 because that’s the period when the metabolism naturally slows down.

Metabolism Boosting Habits


4- Sleep the pounds away

A good quality sleep lasting 7 to 8 hours on average is one of the metabolism boosting habits many people don’t pay attention to, not aware of the fact that too little sleep causes weight gain. The reason why this happens is that the lack of sleep spoils the balance of hormones in charge of regulating appetite. Furthermore, one Swedish study shows that a single night of disrupted sleep can result in body burning up to incredible 20 percent fewer calories the next day.

Metabolism Boosting Habits

So, as you may see it really is not all about genetics as many believe. That is something  we have mentioned at the beginning. Of course, some people simple won’t see results in short period of time, even while following these metabolism boosting tips. Some will have to try hard to get results. And some will see the results sooner than others. That is something we must accept, but the main point is that you will notice results if you stick with these 4 simple rules or any other rules you get from a specialized individual. Sometimes people don’t admit that they do not follow some rules 100% and they will end up disappointed. They will say that they do everything what was recommended and how come the results are not visible? Maybe they are not aware that they are not following the rules. Whatever the case is, you must be aware that you MUST stick to all the rules you get. No matter who is giving them to you. Also, each person can get a bit different things to follow, but FOLLOW them. Remember, this is the only way to boost your metabolism.