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3 Mental Blocks That Are Keeping You Away From Happiness

According to blogger and author of the book 15 Things You Need to Give Up to Be Happy, Luminita D. Saviuc, there are many mental blocks that are holding you back from happiness. In order to get rid of them, you need to face them first.

In her book, Saviuc who herself tasted many negative sides of life (growing up with an abusive father, spending a part of her childhood in an orphanage and being in a toxic relationship as an adult) tries to prove that bad and difficult life experiences don’t have to define who you are. The book, based on Saviuc’s personal experience and lessons learnt on her way to healing, important insights from ancient wisdom of the East, contemporary spirituality, and scientific research in psychology, is an inspiring guide on how to let go of the strings that are holding you back. And we are bringing you the three factors that Saviuc herself recommends you to give up first.


Learn which mental blocks are keeping you away from being happy


1- Self-defeating talk to yourself

Saviuc points out that we should work on becoming our own friends, because by focusing mostly on our shortcomings, it’s easy to become our own enemy. The quality of your own thinking process defines your beliefs and the way you live your life. By minimizing negative thoughts and self-criticism, you will grow kinder to yourself and be more self-assured.

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2- Fear

Get rid of the fears, for they are one of the strongest mental blocks causing you many unpleasant emotions. Every time you feel scared, rejected, anxious, lost or like you’re failing at something, try focusing on something that you love or enjoy (family, friends, or any activity nurturing pleasant emotions). The whole idea is to shed fears by replacing them with love – love for your environment, love for life, and most importantly, love for yourself.

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3- The past

Remove the past from your mental blocks list by simply accepting it. Learn to learn from your past and re-frame it as a source of learning and preparation for the future.


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