The World's Most Stylish Dog

The world’s most stylish dog – meet Kuma!

What makes Kuma, the world’s most stylish dog, so popular in the world of social networks is not only her extreme cuteness but also her most fashionable hairstyles that she changes almost daily.

Before you start grimacing, thinking ‘Oh, poor little one, what an absolute torture’, we have to remind you that if you haven’t had a dog yourself, you can’t possibly imagine how much our fluffy little friends love brushing and combing! Well, most of them at least. And by the expression on Kuma’s face, we can definitely tell she’s ready to join ‘the brushing fans’ group on Facebook (if there’s one)!

Kuma – the world’s most stylish dog and her unique style

Recognizing the latter and aware of the cuddly little beauty’s urge to be chic, the world’s most stylish dog’s owner, Yuki, makes sure that Kuma looks flawless every day – adorning her with the most adorable hairstyles seen online. This Shih Tzu and Pekingese cross  proves  every day to the thousands of her fans on Instagram and all over the internet, that she’s not only an exceptional  beauty  but also a model material, for she manages to pull off any hairstyle you can think of and still look great from every angle.

You can check her adorable style combined with little flowers and you have to say- she looks gorgeous! You will be smiling for sure when you look how Kuma wears a bow! Hilarious!

There is also a Japanese outfit that looks so stunning! And look at the expression on her face, you cannot do anything but laugh! If you have a dog yourself, you know how they can be funny! Especially these little fur balls like Kuma – adorable!


However, before you start feeling envious of the world’s most stylish dog’s effortless coolness, check out these adorable photos and get ready to have your heart melted! Enjoy!


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