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I am addicted To You - Means Of Communication That Make Us Feel Awkward 5

Means Of Communication That Make Us Feel Awkward


It is always odd to communicate with your new partner during that first relationship stage. Still, those moments do have a certain charm to them, and are completely unforgettable. In all honesty communication between two newly hooked up persons is basically a conversation between two nervous people who try their best to appear cool.


In our modern age, communication is highly prized. Between a million apps on your phone alone and an almost constant access to wireless internet €“ you are always communicating in one way or another. What used to be phone calls and conversation is now way more complicated. Here we list some of the most awkward means of communication that are available to you and your new partner.


Texting is of course, the most normal and conventional form of communication people use these days. It is not awkward at all, at most times. Especially if €œread receipts € option is turned off. Along with a real life conversation, it is basically a nice way to chat it up with your partner. Nothing is as exciting as a fresh text after that first date.


Things start getting awkward when two young lovers start chatting on Facebook. Reasons are rather obvious in our opinion, your partner can see when you’re online and when you are not, which makes for a rather uncomfortable situation when you just don’t want to chat but browse cat pictures or something similar. The weird €œseen € option FB introduced only makes things even stranger. Live video calls are beyond weird. Awkward smiles and long silences are the bane of every even a bit socially anxious person out there.


Instagram comments are, in our opinion, the absolute worst. What do people who tag us bellow funny pictures expect us to do? One can only write so many comments that comprise solely of €œlol € €“ and there really isn’t anything else to do in that situation.