Marylin Monroe inspired looks

Marylin Monroe inspired looks bring fresh romantic touch

“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none”! That was the saying of one of the most tragic heroine and fashion icons of the 20st century – Marylin Monroe. Touched by her fate and beauty, we decided to share with you amazing Marylin Monroe inspired looks.

Marylin Monroe inspired looks – stars and beauty

Marilyn Monroe remains one of the best-known Hollywood celebrities with a tragic destiny. Born as Norma Jeanne Mortenson in 1926, Marylin had a tough childhood. Her career started when she caught the eye of Ben Lyon, one of the 20th Century Fox executives and the rest is history and her way to the stars.

She sang to the president and she dated many of the most eligible men of her time, Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio. She was an inspiration for  Andy Warhol and Madonna and her iconic scene where she stands on a subway grate with her white dress billowing  in the wind will be remembered forever.

Her look is still an inspiration for many trendy girls because Marylin was and will always be a fashion icon. With these dresses, a touch of vintage times and incredible feminine shapes will make your style authentic.

Romantic prints and dresses so carefully tailored to accentuate the beauty of a woman will be eye-catching pieces in your wardrobe. Paired with her famous red lipstick and retro sunglasses, these dresses will be a unique fashion signature for all times.

You can wear again always trendy polka dotted prints or classic black long gown with mermaid hemline, glamorous and elegant. These dresses are good news for girls with curves  because  the 50s fashion celebrated the feminine shapes. For totally chic looks, high heels are almost mandatory. “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” as Marylin said a long time ago.

So, girls, be brave to try something new, something retro and make totally chic combinations. And remember “we are, all of us, stars and we deserve to twinkle”!