I am addicted To You - Mary Katranzou Spring Collection 5

Mary Katranzou Spring Collection


Mary Katranzou graduated from Central Saint Martins M.A seven years ago with ten innovative dresses, each of them printed with oversized images of jewelry. Well now, in 2015 she somewhat shifted her focus, but still materializes her original vision and puts it to display, for all the fashion industry to see.

Her newest exhibition saw her in Saint Martins once again, this time she prepared a large and intricate collection which centers on cosmic images with Roma gypsy motifs. Mary always had a knack for taking criticism creatively; it is wonderful to watch her development through the years. When critics wrote she became simply a decorator, she masterfully shifted her focus toward sculpted shape. When she mastered computer design and felt like not much more can be achieved in that area, she moved over to handcrafting art.


Now, it seems like she managed to put forth all her experience and create a stylish, current collection which still escapes becoming just another trend. Namely, floral patterns are what everybody seems to be doing now, but Maya managed to separate from the others not by adding more but by doing less €“ she proved she can create beautiful pieces by being minimal, by keeping only essential designs in the final product. She proved she does not have to use embroidery, color or texture to stand out. For the first time ever she used simple black outfits and A line skirts, and performed marvelously. It is hard to notice any connection between her earlier work and current creations, only connection is the designer’s ability to constantly evolve and change, and add a creative spark to everything she does. It was, and it will continue to be, a true pleasure to witness Mary’s work.