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Marwa Balkar a Young Muslim wrote defiant letter to Donald Trump

This is The defiant letter which Marwa Balkar wrote to Donald Trump ” Dear @realdonaldtrump, My name is Marwa, and I am a Muslim. I heard you wanted us to start wearing ID badges, so I decided to choose one for myself. I am not easily identifiable as a #Muslim just by looking at me, so my new badge will let me display proudly who I am. I chose the peace sign because it represents my #Islam. The one that taught me to oppose #injustice and yearn for #unity. The one that taught me that killing one innocent life is equivalent to killing humanity. I heard you want to track us as well. Great! You can come with me on my Cancer Awareness walks at the local middle school, or you can follow me to work where it’s my job to create happiness. You can also see how my local mosque makes PB&J sandwiches for the homeless and hosts interfaith dinners where everyone is welcome. Maybe then you’ll see that me being Muslim doesn’t make me any less American than you are. Maybe if you walk in my footsteps, you can see that I am not any less human than you are. Salaamu alaikum œŒ????️ #NOTINMYNAME #FhtWithPeace ”

Why is a young Muslim women Marwa Balkar  writing a letter to support all american Muslim who are living in united state?

According to wiki  2.77 million (0.9% of the U.S. population, 2010) Muslim live in United State and One of the earliest accounts of Islam’s presence in North America dates to 1528, when a Moroccan slave, called Estevanico , was shipwrecked near present-day Galveston, Texas.

So, Since 1528 nobody wanted the Muslim wearing the badge to be identified in united state  but today, Donald Trump which is one of the  2016 Presidential Candidates in united state wants to wear badge to Muslim to be easily identifiable to other people.  The young Muslim Marwa Balkar Wrote a letter to let him know that if you wanted us to wearing ID badges you must be careful because we will be sure that 99.1% of the American when they see the ways Muslim lives in United State for sure day will convert to be Muslim. You can see Now everyone in United State Wants to eat organic food because is healthy so if you wear ID badges to Muslim you will see how strong and peaceful are Muslim in United State.

If you are a Muslim that Doesn’t mean you are a terrorist anymore after wearing the ID badges in United State because People can see how the true Muslim lives and helps each others to live better in United State.

People Are Leading America are also Muslim and proudly living with other people in peace. Marwa Balkar wrote a letter to say to the world and American that Muslim inside the United State are a good example of being Muslim in the world. Yes!