winter wedding dress

Have a marvelous white wedding in a beautiful winter wedding dress!

While finding a right wedding dress may be stressful and tricky, finding a satisfactory winter wedding dress, however, might seem like a pure nightmare.

For those who don’t want to be sweating in the sun while walking down the isle in the conventional summer wedding, and prefer a white, snowy wedding, the ceremony arrangements could be somewhat more complicated. Along with the constant worries about the weather on the big day, there comes the eternal question that worries women all around the world – what to wear.

Before bringing this major decision and choosing your winter wedding dress, you must consider a whole spectrum of things that matter – the weather (that is most probably going to be cold), your own comfort, what suits your taste and style best, and of course, the price.

How to pick your perfect winter wedding dress


Considering the winter, you’re going to want something warm to avoid shivering in the cold. This is why it’s best to go for heavier fabrics, however, not heavy enough to obstruct your comfort. Now, depending on your individual taste, you could combine the luxurious fabric with some eye-catching details, like long extravagant sleeves, stylish décolleté, bare shoulders or lace veil. Adding some ornaments to your winter wedding dress can do magic, not to mention dazzling pearls and crystals.


So before panicking and turning into a hysterical bridezilla or writing off your dreamy winter wedding due to a lack of inspiration or simply because you don’t know where to look for, employ all your creativity and imagination in picturing what would be a perfect wedding dress for your big day. To help you out, we’ve picked the most wonderful gowns we could find and listed them along with their brands and prices.


Good luck choosing your winter wedding dress! We don’t doubt you’re going to look beautiful and amazing!