I am addicted to you - MARISSA WEBB TRENDS 4



No matter what the latest trends are saying, the idea of high-low region will always be in. Marissa Webb has built her empire around contrasts like masculine and feminine, hard and soft, edgy and sweet. For Spring, Webb didn’t bend too far from those signatures, but her inspiration lent a new, genuinely unknown angle. After going through old 1950s photographs of her grandfather Albert cloathed in military fatigues beside her grandmother, who preferred prim dresses, she realized how good those €œuniforms € would look mixed together. The result was a collection rich with texture, color, and volume.


Rather of adhering to one particular vibe, Webb wants to play with mini themes throughout her collections; here, there were neon orange lace dresses, dirty plaids, and a pale pink skinny suit, which offered a slicker take on Le Smoking. But the best looks consists some kind of vest: a plaid-and-lace dress with a leather pinafore-style vest, or a elegant floral gown matched with an shortened army jacket. From a far, the vests and dresses appeared to be matched together for one easy piece, but shoppers will be able to buy them separately come next year. That kind of styling trick calls to mind Webb’s career-defining stint at J.Crew €”arguably the omen of the modern €œmash-up € look €”but perhaps we’ll see more of those mixed hints at her Banana Republic offering this Saturday.