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Margot Robbie Role In Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Split

Margot Robbie Role In Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Split

After marriage inconveniences that went on for years, did Ben Affleck’s meandering eye at long last cause the split with Jennifer Garner? Another report jumps into Ben’s claimed affections for his ‘Suicide Squad’ co-star, Margot Robbie, and if an affair with her caused Ben and Jen’s separation!

Was this the final irritation that will be tolerated? Ben Affleck, 42, and Jennifer Garner, 43, declared their separation on June 30, one day after their tenth wedding commemoration. With all the reported issues that had their marriage on the rocks, was Ben’s affirmed affections for Margot Robbie, 25, the explanation for Ben and Jen’s separation?

Ben apparently “had the hots” for Margot since the time that he saw her in The Wolf of Wall Street, reports Woman’s Day. Both of them are cooperating on the Suicide Squad motion picture, as Margot is playing the character Harley Quinn, and Ben will show up as Batman. Did Ben begin to create affections for Margot on set, the same way he fell in love for Jennifer on movies like Pearl Harbor and Daredevil?

Not really, claims the Daily Mail. Ben has ‘scarcely spent any energy with Margot,” sources tell Daily Mail. Ben crushing on Margot is not genuine, the source included, shooting down any talk of an affair by indicating out that Margot is joyfully included with British associate executive Tom Acklerley.