I am addicted to you - Margaret Zhang Fashion food Instagram 2

Margaret Zhang Fashion food Instagram


“Breakfast is the best meal to photo €”everybody loves breakfast!” That’s Margaret Zhang, 22, the Sydney-based beautician and Shine By Three blogger, calling from a Tim Winton €“esque beach shack in Coogee with a ridged iron rooftop. There, on a white IKEA table, she makes most out of her mark level lay photographs, loaded with Dannijo earrings, sharp Prada glasses €”and, as a general rule, a mouthwatering bite to eat.


Amazed? Try not to be! Simply take a gander at any fashion young lady’s Instagram feed and, in the midst of the pink peony vases and racks of spring specimens, you’ll discover beautiful dishes, shot from above. However, why have editors, originators, and bloggers all succumbed to #foodporn? For Zhang, it’s about discovering approaches to marry two correlative worlds. “Food is colorful and sensory, like fashion; it ties into the way of life side of the business,” she says. “There’s a considerable measure of room to investigate in that space.”


Furthermore, when done right, a very much set accessory can lift any dish €”and the other way around. Take, for example, a slice of strawberry cheesecake that Zhang shot last June: The red monogrammed letters on a Louis Vuitton card case coordinate the berries, while whisper-thin silver rings fill the edge. “Everything is splendidly Tetris-ed into the square,” Zhang says, indicating the expansive, flat objects (Smythson journals, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir) she uses to characterize the corners and sides before filling in the gaps with fruit, flowers, and jewelry. Tender loving care is vital to both nourishment and fashion styling, and because of that artful development, the photograph earned about 12,000 likes €”some 3,000 more than a simpler food shot from that same week.


Here, we solicited Zhang to decode six from her most loved flat lay photographs and help us ace master the art of fashion #foodporn in time for New York Fashion Week. The avo toast and acai dishes anticipate €”simply recall to BYOP (bring your own Prada).