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I am addicted to you - Many Looks of Rihanna 5

Many Looks of Rihanna


Rihanna is known for her ability to incorporate many different styles in her outfit. And all of us are witnesses, she looks fantastic whatever she wears!


At her 8th album artwork reveal she wore a black dress filled with layers. It gave her an undeniable elegant look but still kept her trademark casual chic. A bit of nips revealed here and there did not hurt at all!

In Paris she was photographed in a large coat decorated with many stripes on different color backgrounds. Vertical and horizontal stripes on patches of red, black and yellow made her look artsy €“ which isabsolutely fitting for a city like Paris.


In LA, during LAX, Rihanna went all out with her casual trademark look. Large round sunglasses, a black urban hat and tight sporty attire made her look mysterious and cool, just like we like her. Rihanna truly looks best when she dresses casual and adds a hint of hip hop feel to her clothes.


In Gramercy Theatar, New York she displayed a similar combination. Army patterned jacket and short shorts, sneakers and revealing black shirt guaranteed both provocative and sexy look for the singer. Here, more than anywhere else, she looked like a star of a music video.

To prove she can dress in dresses and wear fancy handbags too, Rihanna attended Spotty Pig in New York wearing her classiest attire. Small black dress and studded handbag made her look subtle and ladylike.


Rihanna is truly a modern style icon, and all these combinations only prove she can wear basically anything and still look like a goddess. We for one always enjoy seeing her in her different combinations, and eagerly anticipate a new one whenever she attends a fashion show or any kind of other formal event.