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Many Benefits Of Olive Oil


Beauty benefits of olive oil are a fact of life. It has been written about as early as ancient Greece, and that practice continued to this day €“ a lot of modern day magazines often write about its overall well-being. It is such a healthy and refreshing substance that you just can’t afford not to have a product that contains it in you collection.

Olive oil has plenty of vitamin E in it, which is a universally healthy ingredient. Besides being good for your health, it greatly improves the look of your skin in particular because it contains plenty of minerals. Your skin will keep being soft and supple because of many natural and healthy fatty acids found in the oil. Free radicals, in large amounts, are not a welcome occurrence for your body €“ and plenty of anti-oxidants in olive oil help fight it. If you ever feel the need for a full body or facial massage, olive oil is the perfect ointment.



What was once simply a food product quickly became one of the most popular beauty products and the significance of olive oil is so vast that even the most powerful and gorgeous Queen of her age used it €“ that’s right, we are talking of Cleopatra.



You do not have to buy cosmetic products which contain olive oil either. Homemade remedies are easy to make and just as effective.   With a cotton ball and a few droplets of olive oil you can remove makeup easily. If you want a homemade lip-balm, just take some sugar granules, and a teaspoon of olive il and add a bit of lime juice. Rub it on your lips and wash off with cold water after ten minutes. It will keep your lips fresh and PH-balanced.