Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik – the amazing artist and a wizard for shoes

We are sure that you already have a chance to look at the amazing shoe designs of Manolo Blahnik,  the incredible artist in the shoe fashion!

And if you ever watched the famous series  Sex and the City,  then you know that this man rules the world of shoes! Carrie Bradshaw, my favorite character from the series, adored Manolo Blahnik shoes. Remember this scene when Carrie was at the Vogue fashion closet and her famous sentence: “Oh, My God! Do you know what these are? Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth”?

Manolo Blahnik was in love with shoes since he was a little boy. In his hometown in Canary Islands, he was running around his garden obsessed with making the shoes for the little reptiles out of candy wrappers. His love of nature and botany was later noticed in the incredible shoe designs that he is now famous of.

Manolo Blahnik – the family inspiration for the amazing art

Did you know that one of the greatest inspiration for this amazing artist was in fact his mother?  Manolo’s mother was really into fashion: she studied fashion magazines and they traveled to Paris often for shopping. She followed the latest trends in fashion but she was never quite satisfied with the shoes in her hometown, so she made them by herself. Blahnik loved to watch his mother crafting the shoes and he inherited her love for brocade and satin fabrics.

Later, during the university days, he lived with his uncle and aunt. His aunt had the great influence over his taste in fashion and his taste was turned to appreciation of art and luxury. Another interesting fact about this amazing designer is that he never studied making shoes at any school. He picked up his knowledge by visiting shoe factories and talking to the pattern cutters, technicians and operators on the machines.

Nevertheless, he became one of the most famous creators of shoes in the world! His shoe boutiques are now in New York, Las Vegas, London, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Stockholm.

Explore the work of this amazing designer in the gallery! Enjoy the beauty of the shoe art!