I am addicted To You - Makeup Tutorials For Halloween 2

Makeup Tutorials For Halloween


Halloween is certainly a holiday that makes us absolutely overwhelmed. Besides being a fun holiday by itself, the whole costume making process is absolutely entertaining, but at times exhausting too. Everyone wants to make a costume   that every one of our friends praise, but making one is not nearly as fun as wearing it around at parties. Same goes for makeup; it’s definitely strenuous to apply all the right shades and colors. Makeup, after all, can make or break a Halloween costume.



Luckily, many YouTube and Instagram accounts took it upon themselves to show us how to implement a few tricks that’ll make your Halloween costume stand out among the others.

@Nicolconcilio is a great account for makeup in general. For their Halloween special they prepared a great Big Bad Wolf costume that looks stunning and is not that hard to accomplish. Match it up with a big furry suit and you’ll make a perfect werewolf!



@Jennydo_ has a ghastly looking skull makeup for us, ready to paint on our face and go scare our friends and loved ones. You will need a headband too, a lot of makeup and some contact lenses €“ but the final look is definitely worth it!



@Alvajay brought us a very easy to make spider web makeup mask that you’ll be able to do in only a few hours or less.   It is minimalistic but super effective, especially if topped with a tight black sexy outfit. All you will need is liquid liner and a concealer.



@Jcmakeupmaster is another Instagram makeup artist with a vast number of different Halloween styles on his account. One that is particularly interesting is his devil mask. Paint your head in all red and add some horns. It’s super easy too, all you’ll need is red and black colors.