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Makeup Lessons from Lisa Eldridge


Lisa Eldridge’s first beauty book is being released. This London-based makeup artist has written a beautiful piece on the history of cosmetics and the women who wore it best. Face Paint  is a journey through the earliest origins of contemporary styles, with daring red lip and a slick of black liner, leading us to the modern beauty standards of today. Starting from the invention of the world’s first mascara to details about lipsticks, we came across 5 of the most interesting facts about makeup:


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Via vogue.com

  1. In Ancient Greece, around 800 B.C., Athenian women mixed burned cork, antimony and soot to make an eyebrow powder which they used to thicken their brows and create a unibrow. This inspired the launch of Lash-Brow-Ine, one of the first mascaras in history.
  2. In the 1500s, French women wore mouches, small black patches used to embellish their faces and hide blemishes. These were made from silk, velvet, satin or taffeta and were shaped in a heart or circle.
  3. Around 1902, Helena Rubinstein introduced her renowned Crème Valaze in Australia saying that a Dr. Lykusky had created the cream with herbs found in the Carpathian Mountains. After several years, she disclosed the actual recipe of the product: mineral oil, vegetable oil, and lanolin perfumed with pine bark, water lilies, and lavender.
  4. When Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1923, the trend of cat eyes came into play. Egyptomania was introduced into the world. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in 1963 closed the deal and dark eye makeup have been in fashion ever since then.
  5. Lauren Hutton’s crooked smile gained immense popularity in the mid 1960s helping her to appear in a record 27Voguecovers and made way for many gap-toothed girls like Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger to join the industry.
  6. Fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki’s Biba began selling highlighter colored makeup in 1970 intorducing purples, blues and mustards. Her first brown lipstick was sold in just 30 minutes. Two years later, she introduced the first makeup series for women with dark skin.