makeup for glasses



We met Hayley firstly when we went gaga for her cosmetics abilities and her Makeup for Glasses arrangement on her YouTube channel, PassionKassel. (Look at her cosmetics look that supplements her glasses above!) When inquired as to why she connected to be a style ambassador, she said “I adore how glasses can truly amp up any look, and I additionally like to show how ladies/Gents can wear a wide range of sorts of cosmetics looks while consolidating their most loved glasses.” As an expert makeup artist, Hayley’s the genius concerning making new looks utilizing hues and extras.

Name: Hayley Kassel
Epithet: Habe or Bub
YouTube & Instagram: PassionKassel & @hkassel
Home base: Chicago
Current occupation: Professional Makeup Artist

I picked this pair of glasses for my starter unit in light of the fact that: Colored casings are so in at this moment! I now have a black pair, Fuschia, and purple!
My glasses gathering comprises of _ sets of frames: 3
My most loved style pattern existing apart from everything else is: The buzzed hair pattern, whether it’s totally buzzed, half buzzed, or mohawk!

On the off chance that I could be stuck in a lift with anybody, it would be: John Lennon
I would portray my own style as: Eclectic and comfortable
My go-to drink at Starbucks is: Skinny Vanilla Latte

Glasses are a stunning extra in light of the fact that: They can truly switch up any look! Moreover! They conceal dark circles extremely well : )
The most ideal approach to arrange a closet is: By shading or by what kind of dress. (Ex. Pullovers, Long Dresses, short dresses, coats, and so forth)
A tip on selecting the ideal pair of frames is: Try to choose shapes you don’t have, and venture outside your safe place! You may truly like something you thought you would never purchase.