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Makeup expiration dates: Learn When To Toss Out Your Makeup Products

We know how much you love your makeup products and how difficult they can be to let go. Not to mention that perfect limited-edition nude pink lipstick in the special pocket of your cosmetic bag! However, sweet darlings, the cruel truth is that everything has an expiration date, and unfortunately, your makeup products are not an exception.

Indeed, it gets even trickier with the makeup – just think about all the germs living freely inside your makeup products and getting in touch with your sensitive complexion on a daily basis. Ugh… This is why it’s not only important to keep your eye on your makeup products’ expiring dates, but also their hygienic state and the way of storing them.

Don’t ignore the expiration dates of your makeup products

So, how long do your makeup products really last once they’re opened? Most products have the guidelines written on their packaging, with the general information on how long they should be kept.

The recommended term for using liquid/creamy products is a year while the powder products can be used for 2 years. However, mascara is best used for the first two months, and after three – it should be replaced.

Foundation should be replaced about 12 months after the purchase while another useful advice instructs us to store it away from the bright light. Some formulas are photo-sensitive and can change color/become darker under the direct sunlight.

Now back to that lipstick – you can be more flexible when it comes to its expiration date, however, when it starts smelling unusual, it’s time to toss it. The same goes for the cream blush.

Longwear  eye-shadows  and liners give you the best effect for the first 6 months. After a year, they tend to get pretty dry and it’s best to replace them.