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Make Your Own Scary Halloween Cocktail


What’s a party without a few cocktails, and what’s a theme party without customized and creative drinks that showcase your legendary hospitality? Halloween is of course a party. Everyone dresses up and slap a ton of lace on their face, and go around town drinking and dancing the night away until the scariest things are last night’s memories. If you want to organize a truly epic party that is bound to be talked about for years and years, check out these Halloween themed cocktails. They are easy to make, taste good and look the part.

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Bloody devil is guaranteed to be a star at your Halloween party. What you need is some SVEDKA clementine, sweet vermouth, OJ, curacao and dash orange bitters. Mix it all up, measurements should be tailored to suit the taste of you and your friends. If you like sweeter drinks, add up on OJ and vermouth, if you like it a bit saucier, add a shot of vodka or three.

Now comes the fun part, decorations. The purpose of cocktails is of course to get a tad bit blitzed, but for Halloween especially you will want to a drink that’s not only a beverage but an ornament too. For this particular cocktail, we will make some fake blood. You will need some white corn syrup, one tablespoon of cornstarch, water, fifteen drops of red food coloring and five drops of blue food coloring. Mix it up and drizzle cups with fake blood, just slightly on the edges for a best look.

It is best if you have a cocktail mixer, than you can easily dump all the ingredients and get a finished drink after half a minute of vigorous shaking.   If not, simply pour them in a bottle, seal the throat and shake it a bit. And there you have it , your own bloody devil cocktail!


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