I am addicted to you - Make your own punk denim vest 4

Make your own punk denim vest



Denim is just the hottest material in the fitness world right now. One of the reasons for that trend is all the possibilities of customizing your denim clothes. Learn how to make your own punk denim vest right here!


You will need safety pins, studs, pliers and patterned fabric. Firstly, take a man’s denim jacket and transform it into a vest by cutting of the sleeves. Then, grab a sharp object and rub it against the surface of your new denim vest. That will enable you to easily shred it a bit with your hands, giving it a cool punkish look. Than all you need to do is drop it in a washer and dry it! Now you are ready to start customizing your vest.


You can apply any fabric you desire by sewing it into your vest. For a trendy, punkish look we recommend leopard print. Don’t worry about precision, the messier the better in this case. After you’ve done that, take your pre bought studs and apply them to the vest’s shoulder area. Make sure to put a lot for bet effect. You will need pliers for this, since bending studs with bare hand is a tiresome ordeal. You can use cone studs, pyramid studs or a combination of both.


Next step is easy, turn your vest to the back and take a patch with any cool, edgy design. We recommend British or American flag, or any of your favorite band’s logos. With needle and thread, attach it to the back of your vest and make sure it is a tad bit wrinkled and uneven.

And there you have it, your own punk rock vest! Combine it with jet black pants and daring haircut to showcase your sense of style to the entire world!