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Make Your Own Low Calorie Cocktail


All good things in life have that one imperfection that forbids us to indulge in them on a daily, hour to hour basis. Take a good cocktail for example, it tastes divine, but has enough sugar to bake a cake after drinking three or four. That simply sticks to our waistlines. Luckily you do not need to ditch sweet drinks and cocktails for the rest of your life in order to have a sexy body. All you need are a couple of tricks and tweaks, and you’re good to go.


Order a julep instead of a mojito. These two drinks might seem similar enough, but according to nutritionists €“ julep has one hundred seventy and mojito two hundred fifty calories. Not a significant amount if you are going to have one, but you are not. Saturday nights look much better with a belly full of three or more cocktails.

Pour single malt scotch in your Manhattan. Completely eradicate syrup soaked maraschinos and pour some good old scotch in your Manhattan cocktail. It will replace the sweetness with a fine smoky flavor and prevent you from taking more calories in your body. It will also make it slightly stronger, but you can handle it.

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Add seltzer to whiskey cokes €“ this way you will save yourself from a very unhealthy sugar bomb. Best advice is to avoid whiskey coke at all, but if you must have it, follow our advice and tell the bartender to pour you half a coke and fill the rest up with seltzer.

Instead of vodka soda, drink Campari soda. It is only one hundred calories per serving, and it tastes much better. For best effect put a splash of blood oranges in there, it will make its taste godly and release enzymes that speed up your metabolism €“ especially with alcohol intake.