I am addicted to you - MAKE YOUR OWN BALLET SHOES 2




Every woman wants the perfect pair of lady-like ballet shoes. This tutorial is just that and much more. Let us go right now get into the material that you will need to make this one. You will need just three things €“ a pair of flats, multi-hole hit and a coil rope. We offer that you buy matching cords with the shoes you are going to make tie-ups for. Firstly we thought this tutorial would be hard but as it seems, it’s the easiest tutorial on lace up ballet shoes.

All you have to do is need is to follow three simple steps.


Mark the holes

Punch them out

Thread the laces

We cannot help to agree that this tie up flats tutorial is so easy to make.

Next time when you look at your feet, you sure are going to adore them.