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4 Simple Tips To Make Work Life Happier!

How to make your work life happier for both you and your co-workers!

Your work life plays a huge role in your personal life and therefore it’s important to make your office a happy place since you spend more than half of the day there. It’s the simple things like expressing gratitude and praising your co-workers that go a long way. It’s been shown that if you put both of these into practice it reduces stress, improves health and increases the morale of the team.

We all have a long to-do list when we go into work, but don’t let it keep you from being thankful and praising others for their hard work. These are habits you want to have, because they will make you and everyone around you happier at work. Here are four simple tips that will help you  make your work life  happier:


#1 Write a Note

You won’t believe the impact that this has in your co-workers! It’s a great feeling to walk into your office and the first thing that’s waiting for you it’s a hand written note from your boss or your co-worker expressing how thankful they are for your work, or just simply letting you know how much they enjoy working with you. People really appreciate these notes.  In fact, most people save these notes or display them somewhere around their desks because it reminds them that they are appreciated at work. Believe me! You will have made your co-workers day with this note.


#2 Give Credit

Whether you’re in a meeting or an email thread and they’re talking about the success of a project you worked on, always remember to give credit to everyone that helped make the project a success. You can explain what they did and how they contributed. If a lot of people from one department contributed to the project, then you can praise the entire department in this case. But never forget to mention those that helped you in the project. You will get a very rewarding feeling every time you praise someone and so will they. Everyone in your office will feel happy working with you on projects because they know that you are appreciative and credit their hard work.


#3 Tell the Boss

If you’re not the boss, you can still always put a good word for your co-workers with their boss. This is probably one of the best and most effective things you can do for your co-workers. When a manager hears positive input regarding someone coming from different people it reinforces their trust and respect for that individual working on their team.


#4 Say Thank You

The simplest way to show appreciation is to say €œthank you €. But a more effective thank you would be to mention something specific and explain how their effort impacted you or the company. Everyone can say thank you all the time, but it’s a lot more meaningful when you acknowledge exactly for what it is that you are expressing your gratitude for.


There you have it, four simple ways that will make your work experience a much happier one. Start implementing these today and you will soon find that you are feeling less stressed and much healthier!