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Make Up Tips For Green Eyes


Your green eyes make everyone envious, and one of many reasons for that is the fact that they go with basically any kind of makeup. We have compiled a list of ideal cosmetic tipsmade just for them.

When it comes to eyes, eyeliners are crucial. They define the look of your eyes and can make them be curvy and exotic or cutesy and innocent.

Retro look is a guaranteed way to make your eyes stand out. To invoke it, try drawing lower lash line with a white pencil €“ it will bring out a brighter glow and give you a dose of that 70s chic.To bring out your eyes and place them in center of attention, blush and bronze palette should be as neutral as possible, and you should avoid brightly colored lipstick.

A little practical trick for bringing out your green eyes is to always apply brighter makeup on upper lids and color brow bones with lighter tones, but the crease can have darker tones. Never ever use blue, since it goes poorly with green you want to make people pay attention to.

Always tone down the shade of your lip gloss or lipstick. Your eyes is what’s important, so going easier on lip shades is the smart thing to do. Berry red, peach and any nude or neutral shade will work best.

In the end, we have the dilemma of what to do with mascara. Black mascara is always a good choice for green eyed ladies, but do not be afraid to experiment a bit if you feel particularly adventurous. Colorful tones are perfectly fine unless they are blue. Yellow, grey and purple work well and add a sense of mystery to your look.