Love quotes of famous people

Love quotes of famous people that will make you think

Famous people are just like you and me, they fall in love, they hurt and suffer, they move on! These love quotes are their reflection of love. It will remind you of the universal truth about love and you can learn something along the way.

Famous people love quotes – love from different perspective

So, ladies, what is love? Is it just a chemical reaction in our brain or the encounter of the two souls destined to be together in this life? Scientists are of course more prone to view this magnificent feeling through the glass of chemistry! And it is proven: when we are falling in love, all sorts of hormones and chemicals  run through our brain and make us feel so excited.

Can you believe that the oxytocin  is actually responsible for the bond that we develop with the other person? It is so simple! And we make such a fuss about it! But, what if it’s not like that, what if the bond between  the two persons has another dimension, much more profound? For every person, the answer about what is love is different. We bring you the love quotes of famous people and some interesting views about love!

The great scientist Albert Einstein made a funny statement how the gravity is not responsible for people falling in love! The characteristic of all great minds is the ability to be funny and a great sense of humor. He left to the world some of the greatest discoveries such as the general theory of relativity and many, many more. He was married twice.

One of the greatest Chilean poets, Pablo Neruda also wrote a fabulous sentence. His poems were an amazing homage to romance and love, so if you have a chance read something from this amazing author!

Who said that the wisdom comes with age? Sometimes, you can hear very, very wise words from young people. Taylor Swift proved this by saying one of the greatest truth! Love is something much more profound and valuable than falling in love! Love is when you know the other person and love him/her with all the imperfections and flaws and all the good things. It is a feeling that gives us the strength to overcome anything in life. Love is life itself!