I am addicted To You -LOVE OR BOND 7



Is it love, or is it just a bond?

We all have those friends who go from relationship to relationship, and every time, they are €œtotally and completely in love. €

For those of us who have been single longer than two of their relationships mixed, we can’t help but question how someone can actually be €œin love € with all these people.

I mean, really? It’s not love. It’s fear of being alone. Right?

Yes. And no. I mean we can’t adjust love any more than we can election polls or Miley’s next erotic exorcism. It’s just something you get passion about.

But what if your feeling isn’t correct? What if you’re just so damn afraid of being alone that anyone who comes close to making you feel safe and secure feels like your soulmate?



You know those relationships you got out of, and after a couple of months, you couldn’t believe you ever said those three beautiful words to someone you wouldn’t want to be seen with right now? How could you love someone so ugly? Someone so not your type? Someone so vain?

Well, it’s usually because it wasn’t love. It was a bond.

I have no real vision in knowing if your love is real or if it’s just insecurity disguised in AXE body spray, but I can give you some natural indicators. They’re the kind of indicators to show your friend because she’s becoming way too attached to that idiot you thought for sure would be a one-night stand.

Because you don’t want to go to   a wedding where the only thing the bride has to say about the groom is that €œhe’s always there. € And if you’re not certain about your own love reasons, take a look at the list to see if what you’re doing is worth all the time put through.

Love is passionate; attachment is passive


They say the closest feeling to love is hate, thats why after you break up with someone, all that beautiful, love turns into mad, passionate, can’t expalined hate.

When you’re just attached to someone, however, you never really get that feeling. You get phobia, anxiety and moments of soreness, but you don’t let those nervous feelings confuse you for something as beautiful and important as real hate.

Love is selfless; attachment is self-centered


When you’re in love, it’s all about the other person. For the first time in your life, you want to put someone else’s wishes before your own.


When it’s just a bond, you just want someone to be there before you. You’re not looking out for him or her €” you’re looking out for you.

Love isn’t easy; that bond is only hard when you’re apart


Real love is never easy. You’d think it would be because it’s so honest and beautiful, but anything that hard and life-changing takes work. You must feed it and keep it polished.

With bond, there’s nothing to grow and feed; it’s just about how many times you can see each other in a week.

You want this person the same way you need a fix. It’s not getting bigger, blooming or changing into another extent.Like any fix, the high is not long-term, and you fall down.

Love is emancipation; bond is greedy


When you’re in love, you don’t need to see the person to be safe. You don’t need to be with this person to see how he or she feels. You never question about your love’s desire and never get jealous.

When it’s just bond, you never have a honest hold on your partner’s emotions because the only time you feel sacure is when you’re with him or her. When you’re not together, you can’t help but question what, or who, he or she is doing.

If they’re also just bond, doesn’t that mean they need someone to bond with?

Love is granted; bond is all about power


There’s nothing like real love to make you feel like you can do everything. It gives you a new feel of freedom, a new energy. You’re alive and ready to conquer on the world.