Soopy - love illustrations

Love illustrations – heart melting comics!

Love illustrations! The very word tells us that this might be interesting!

“Where there is a love, there is a life” -said great Mahatma Gandhi and it is true – there is no greater thing in life than love! Love can move mountains and heal almost every heart! It gives a strength to go through life, to stand up and go on and above all, the inspiration to see a beauty in the world.

Love is that shining star when everything else becomes dark and when you feel hopeless. Love is that amazing thing worth living for, that warm feeling of belonging, pure happiness and a sense that you can do anything in your life! Like Dr. Seuss wrote: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is better than your dreams”!

Through history and through art, love has been an inspiration to many great painters and to many artists. Many masterpieces of world’s are simply an undying desire to capture the essence of love on paintings, that miracle feeling that we all aspire too.

There are many forms of art that use love as the main focus point. Philippa Rice, the multi-talented artist used love illustrations – comics to describe in her own way the magnificent nature of love in small things.

Beautiful love illustrations by Phillipa Rice – great portraits of everyday’s life with the loved one

Talented artist Philippa Rice wanted to catch the beauty of the every day’s situation between couples, all that small things that are actually love. These gorgeous love illustrations depict  various themes: having a great morning just the two of you with hot coffee in cups or hugging during the night, or walking hand in hand on the rain…

Those love illustrations are meant to be funny and to be a reminder that we have to appreciate the little things in life, to enjoy the love we have and to cherish it every day. Small things mean life! Enjoy these adorable love illustrations, we are sure you can find yourself in at least one of these!