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crowded place

Scared you might lose your kid in a crowded place? Do this!

Crowded place  is  always a reason  for a panic, especially if you have kids and you are scared they might get lost.

What is worse is that unfortunately more and more cases of kids being lost are reported. Not the mention the ones being kidnapped.

When you plan to visit some event where usually is a lot of people you are probably  panic upfront. The first thing going through your head is what if my kid get lost? And it is a natural reaction.

Getting lost can easily happen because it takes seconds and you don’t know where your kid went. It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent or irresponsible person. This just happens.


Kids are curious and fast. When something caught up their attention, they react instantly without thinking and they just run away. Of course, they don’t think they should inform their parents because they don’t see nothing bad in running away. Usually they think that they will just take a look and come back.

While for them not such a big deal, for parents the moment they realize that their child is not next to them, they freak out and the feeling that goes through their mind and body is the worst experience ever!


Clever solution for a crowded place


To help in these situations, police came up with a clever idea. So, read carefully. When you are going to some kind of place where will be many people, make sure you write your kid’s name on their wrist, along with your name and phone number. You can also write your address. To make sure that will not be erased, cover the information on the wrist with a liquid bandage. Also, take a picture of your kid before you leave your home so you can show exactly what sh or he is wearing and looks like.


From the time this idea came to public it has been shown as very effective. Therefore, please share this post or information in general to help less kids get lost.