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Long distance relationship – to stay in or leave

You love each other, you treasure every moment, he is kind and sweet, perfect guy, everything is…almost perfect? When you are in a long distance relationship, many moments are even maybe more intense than in a regular relationship, at first. When you see each other, everything is like a flame, the passion is there, you cannot wait to dive into those precious moments, to kiss and to talk, to catch up with everything.

However, distance can be a huge obstacle to a relationship. Very often, the distance sets people apart! Even people who live close by, sometimes don’t have the time for each other, not to mention couples in a long distance relationships. Those relationships are very exciting at first, you don’t see each other that often, and when you do, everything is fun. But, as the time goes by, some things just pile up in the way.

Long distance relationship – things that you should think of when you consider whether to stay or to leave

1. Expenses


Long distance relationships can be quite costly! Although, nothing seems too much when you are at the beginning of your relationship and you are madly in love with the guy, but truth to be told, the expenses are huge! If he lives in another state, it is even bigger numbers you have to consider. All those plane tickets and hotel and travelling expenses can become a burden at one point of time.

The advice here is simple: you should stay as long as you are happy and satisfied with your relationship. If for some reason you start to feel less happy, this will be one additional reason to leave!


2. Loneliness

You have to face the fact that you will often feel lonely in the long distance relationship! Every party, every birthday or some daily occasion when all your friends spend time with their boyfriends, you wouldn’t be able to do so! This can be quite frustrating and you have to ask yourself whether you are able to deal with that and to handle that. If you are not, then maybe it is time to end it.


3. Organizing time

People nowadays have busy schedules and it is hard to organize even when you are in the same town. When it comes to long distance relationships, it becomes even harder. Since the communication is mainly through social networks and Skype, you have to arrange it all so at the end of the day you have the time to chat with your loved one. And that still cannot replace meeting in person and having a normal relationship where you see the other person every day.

So, if you are now thinking whether to stay with that guy or not, you just have to ask yourself a question: “Am I happy?” If the answer is yes, then all the above-mentioned reasons are not that important. But, if you are not satisfied anymore, or you feel lonely and distant to your loved one, maybe you should consider leaving.

If there is love, every relationship is worth to be saved! If he is the one, you will find the way to overcome any obstacle, even a distance between you two. If he is not, then it is better for you to focus and find someone with whom you can have a normal relationship!